October 25th, 2006
Winston Salem at night with streaming traffic
Winston Salem at night with streaming traffic
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Wachovia and BB&T buildings, Winston-Salem
Wachovia and BB&T buildings, Winston-Salem
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Winston-Salem Skyline with Pilot Mountain from 45 miles away
Winston-Salem Skyline with Pilot Mountain from 45 miles away
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Fisheye traffic of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Fisheye traffic of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Winston-Salem from over 40 miles away
Winston-Salem from over 40 miles away
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Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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17 Responses to “Winston-Salem, North Carolina”

  1. Brenda Toe Says:

    Great pictures

  2. kunter, web designer, izmir Says:

    Looking at these great pictures I can say, Salem had changed sometime ago and really evolded into a place to live. Congratulations for this site, I’ll tell about this – good work

    best regards

  3. dbearhug Says:

    Great pictures as always, Matt. Is it me, but does the Wachovia Building look like it could open up and deploy some kind of weapon? I guess I’ve seen too many movies…


  4. kray Says:

    Oh man….Winston Skyline looks better than Raleigh I think, maybe you should get the capital on here next…….oh yeah good job on Norfolk/Va Beach area too..

  5. ------- Says:

    Winston-Salem is nice, but no Raleigh has been NCs capital for more than 200 years. Checkout Raleighskyline.com
    YOU R going to change your mind!!!

  6. $$$ Says:

    The winston and Raleigh skyline are actually about the same. Nice pics of Pilot mountain. And I think you need to get more pics of greenboro and the GMAC building on 5th st.

  7. Ron Corey Says:

    Winston-Salem’s skyline is still more impressive than Raleigh’s (though that will probably change in the next 5 yrs). The former Wachovia building is STILL tallest in NC outside Charlotte and has 34 floors.
    Sorry Raleigh fans…..spires don’t count as rooftops and two more floors counts for something!!!

  8. Pierce Says:

    Where are all the people? Talk about some empty streets……

  9. Ernest Johnson Says:

    Architecturally speaking ….yes it does count………sorry Winston…….second largest city, second tallest skyline…..hmmmmm.

  10. Luis Espinal Says:

    Ive lived here my whole life..im 20 now…u aint missin nothin…it sux here…i hate it…its nice lookin but thats bout it…and there arent any people in downtown

  11. Al Says:

    Love my hometown and
    Winston does look way better then Raleigh on the stand pt and floors does count not spirals and plus Winston has a better history then Raleigh any day

  12. Eric Says:

    Its great hearing the Winston people defend a city that died 50 years ago! Winston is a has been… sorry it’s a great place to visit and and look at all the history but thats it..

  13. Marsh Says:

    Your previous comment (below) on Greensboro really puts this comment in perspective. I feel like you’re completely mixed up on what makes a good city and place to live. Winston has culture, arts, plenty of festivals and activities, and plenty of things to do for its size. Gboro has suburban sprawl and strip malls.

    “I notice you have great pictures of Winston, Charlotte, and of course Raleigh, but why not some Greensboro pictures? It’s a real nice city I think it would be great to look at in this collection of cities you have.”

  14. Guest Says:

    the spire is 40ft, so you still have 498ft left, compared to the Former Wachovia which is 460ft..hahah, the Raleigh PNC is the tallest

  15. Vatnos Says:

    Raleigh clearly has more density and three buildings over 400 ft to Winston’s two. The height of the tallest building doesn’t matter much when they’re closely matched. PNC is 78 ft taller on paper. If it were a 38 floor building, instead of a 33 floor building with a spire, it probably would look noticeably taller than 100 N Main Street. In person they look about the same though.

    Winston-Salem has a couple architectural gems in its downtown, and the distribution of buildings is pretty good too. Overall, Raleigh has a better skyline, but relative to the city’s size, Winston beats Raleigh. Raleigh is nearly twice as large as Winston-Salem and while its downtown feels much more alive at night than W-S, its skyline is small for a city of its size and importance. This is likely to change. With the RTP nearby, they could potentially snag towers for many international tech corporations. IBM-Lenovo, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, Bayer, RTI… the city has the potential to explode like Charlotte and Austin did, but it has to find a way to convince these companies to set up their HQs there, and not just have them build office parks sitting next to the R+D divisions out in RTP.

  16. Joe Says:

    A very honest and correct assessment of the 2 cities. I am a liofelong resident of Winston Salem andd I have always been proud of our skyline. The only negative I have of raleigh is the traffus but that’s a given withsuch a large population

  17. Joe Says:

    Looking at the skylines of the 2 cities you would never know Raleigh is twice the size of Winston Salem. In fact until PNC was built Raleigh looked smaller than Winston. You guys have just recently caught up with us LOL

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