June 25th, 2006

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13 Responses to “Minneapolis”

  1. Jacob Says:

    i like the building with the crown on top it looks like a halo

  2. Yvette Says:

    Very nice pictures.

  3. Yinzer Says:

    stunning Matt. I never looked at many of your other photos of other cities besides Pittsburgh. I am checking them out, and am amazed.

  4. JMR Says:

    Minneapolis is one of my favorite cities. Good pictures

  5. Brenda Toe Says:

    Minneapolis is lovely city

  6. Charlotte Says:

    Matt, these pictures are truly awsome and show us, the citizens of the World, again how beautiful USA is and how beautifully designed some USA cities are. In fact, in order to put all the prejudices regarding USA aside, I recommend everybody to look at these pictures, your pictures and judge for himself/herself whether USA is a beautiful vibrant stunning place or not.
    Your work make it possible to admit and believe that USA has its own very unique and forward looking culture, art, life style and above all beauty!
    the Netherlands

  7. Lexi Says:

    Matt, these photographs are amazing.
    I have just one questin though.
    What website is the host?
    Like when you made your site, what site did you go to to make it?

  8. josh Says:

    i was wondering if you get time you should take some pics of minneapolis in the winter time new york too, im from new york but i live in minneapolis now, nice pics.

  9. Z Says:

    AMAZING! makes me miss minny, lived there for 5 great years.. just beautiful pics man.!

  10. Yvette Says:

    I’m planning a visit to Minnesota. Can anyone recommend some nice hotels near the Mall of America? It Minnesota a nice place to live? Does it really get as cold as people say? Love the pics. I always do.

  11. Yvette Says:

    Matt, Can you take some pictures of St. Paul, Minnesota and the Mall of America?

  12. Kevin Says:

    As a resident of Minneapolis I have always loved this city. The contrast of the old historic buildings against the modern skyscrapers is amazing. I have traveled to many cities across the country and truly believe Minneapolis is one of the best kept secrets. Its such a vibrant, fun, friendly and clean city. I am proud to call it home. Your pics are truly beautiful.

  13. Kray Says:

    There were a lot of women in these pics Matt!!! nice…lol …make me wanna go to Minneapolis

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