November 14th, 2007
Capitol Dome cover in 2005 for painting
Capitol Dome cover in 2005 for painting
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Charleston, West Virginia -

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31 Responses to “Charleston, West Virginia”

  1. Johnson Says:

    These photos are simply AMAZING! I’m a resident of Charleston, but seeing them from this angle makes me more appreciative of the city. Thank you.

  2. Todd Says:

    Wow! You actually make a pretty small “city” look cool. Nice Job!

  3. Audra Mitchell Says:

    Matt — I love your photography, especially the one of the Oakwood bridge. Do you have that photo in the daylight? My law firm has a small office in Charleston, WV, and I’d like to get a nice skyline image of Charleston for our web.

  4. Chad Says:

    Nice pics! How about deleting Todd’s comments, why does someone have to have such a negative attitude? He’s probably pretty small.

  5. Jamal Says:

    Nice but what about Charelston,SC!

  6. Anthony Says:

    How do I go about purchasing a print of one of the above pictures, especially that last one?

  7. Jack Says:

    Awesome – makes me proud to be from West Virginia!

  8. Kevin Says:

    I’d love to see you do Charleston, SC (among other cities, haha). Nice work!

  9. John Says:

    One beautiful city….We don’t get enough positive press…..Welcome to the Capital City.

  10. krazeeboi Says:

    And here I was, expecting pictures of the original, more graceful Charleston…Charleston, South Carolina. 🙂

  11. williaminpgh Says:

    Great Pics! I too would like to purchase prints. Are they for sale?

  12. Jordan Says:

    This is amazing! Charleston is beautiful!

  13. Debbie Lowery Says:

    Oh this is my Home Town I am in Pittsburgh…Makes me cry and want to go HOME. Job keeps me here.

  14. Debbie Lowery Says:

    Todd if you lived in Pitttsburgh, You would appreciate a small beautiful place to live.

  15. jenna Says:

    I was born here in charleston but i moved when i was little. i love it there and most of my family lives there. i visit a lot. it really makes you appreciate nature and want to live somewhere peaceful and beautiful. i miss it so much and love it there

  16. ryan Says:

    i am so glad i moved out of that place. how sad is it that the only location that got photographed was an interstate bridge where semi-trucks flip over the sides and sink in the river?

  17. Dave Says:

    Great pics! Wait till the 30 story hotel and convention center go in right by the Elk/Kanawha junction. It will make a great entry-way to the city.

  18. Michael Says:

    Very Beautiful. You have incredible photography skills

  19. Jamie Says:


  20. Michael Perry Says:

    Great Pics Of Charleston It’s A Fun Place To Live

  21. Hope Lockhart Says:

    I have never lived in WVA,but my parents were born & raised there. No matter what the photos are of…Capitol or all the nice bridges or even the poorest little towns( neighborhoods) are all a wonderful sight to see and people should really apreciate the love of the State, the kindness of the people(rich or poor)! I will be in town to visit my family and the State I call My Home( Charleston Wva ) and I will be taking many,many photos and would be glad to put them online for everyone to see. I am 45 and have been visiting there all my life and everytime I come to town I cry when its time to go back to Michigan. WVA is a part of me, a part of my parents and my children and theirs to come. Its where I will retire and live my last days, in the most beautiful state in the world! WVA!!! Nothing can change my mind. I have roots there and a long family history. The story’s my parents told of the past and my grand parents, you can not put a price an any of that. Photos or not you will never know what its like until your heart has been pulled in that direction all your life and youknow thats where you were ment to be!! ( my retirement ) I will move there and Open a nice historical bed & breakfast and meet alot of people and make new friends for life! Thats always been my dream and in just a few short yrs maybe sooner if I’m lucky, I will be on my way. I will still continue to take photos of anything and everthing in WVA til the end. Because it is a GRAND place to be, to see, to visit, to talk to people and to just enjoy everything and everyone! Nothing can beat that!

  22. Tara Young Says:

    Ever since 2007 I’ve had the number 304 pop up in my head! Just today my cousin told me to look up the place with that area code. Charleston , WV came up and It’s a beautiful site to see. I’m a intuitive person and I believe God wants me to move here to start my life! Looking at these pictures further interest me to make the move! I’m joining the United States Airforce this fall and hope to get stationed here. If not, then I will make this move when I’m retired form the airforce! I’m originally from Toledo, Ohio and I’ve always said my husband is not here. I strongly believe that he is here, Charleston, WV! I can’t wait to make this future move and see what God has in store for me! To Mrs. Lockhart, you enocouraged me as well. Like I said, i’m a very intuitive person amd you posted your comment on my deceased Granny’s birthday, which I take as another sign! You’ve said nothing but positive things just as i know she would have! I can’t wait! thank you to the person that put these beautiful pictures up. i know you can’t have the good without the bad, but i’m ready to experience it all!

  23. mr.mahmoud shahbandy Says:

    i love you west virginia only charleston bye

  24. Zee Says:

    I live in New Hampshire and we do not have a city as pretty as this one. Great skyline!

  25. Joey Says:

    I live in Charleston and I personally think they screw up the population one site says the population is 53000 and the other counts all of the city which is 212000.

  26. Rowland Says:

    These are wonderful pics. I was born in Weirton Wv, but I live in Indianapolis now. I love Charleston!

  27. Wjtelek Says:

    One is the ENTIRE METRO area and the other is the population only within the city limits.

  28. Cinnreds18 Says:

    wrong chief…… .212k is nitro, scott depot and 12 other towns included. 53k is the city limit pop. Charleston “city limits” is the same size as Blacksburg VA (home of the VA TECH)…..a small town of about 50 k ….Charleston even has a small town feel. It’s a city because you want it to be not because it is…..and after all it is WV 🙂

  29. John Ker Says:

    I worked a few months in Charleston WV . I love it there.

  30. John Ker Says:

    I am also near pittsburgh . I grew up here. I loved working in WV though. i made many friends in the hills over the mountain ( boone county lol )

  31. JON Says:

    What about minorities

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