June 14th, 2006
Prints from this series can be obtained here: https://prints.metroscenes.com/bismarck-nd

Prints from this series can be obtained here: https://prints.metroscenes.com/bismarck-nd
Bismarck, North Dakota

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7 Responses to “Bismarck, North Dakota”

  1. Kate Says:

    Pictures are great. I especially love the red cloudy sunset and the storm clouds behind the powerlines. Scenes like those really bring back memories of living in North Dakota as a child. I had to laugh when I saw the picture of your car with the “buggy” front end. You must have gotten a light day. Sometimes you have to get out to scrape off your headlights and clean your radiatior because of obstructed air flow.

  2. Maren Ronningen Says:

    I loved the pictures! I have lived in Bismarck all my life and believe it is one of the most beautiful cities around. Keep up the great work.

  3. David Says:

    All these cities are good but if you put Bismark on here why not Jackson,Mississippi?

  4. Clay Says:

    hey, these are great photos.

  5. Clay Says:

    the new bank of north dakota (BND) is prctically made of glass and they just built a new memorial bridge

  6. Steve Gonzales Says:

    I was raised in Butte, Montana, deep in the heart of the Rockies, but my mother’s family haled from the northern plains. She loved the prairie and so do I. I always loved going to the homestead in Eastern Montana and visiting all the relatives in western North Dakota. I loved the grassy plains–endless miles of real BIG sky and limitless horizons. My favorite city has been, and will always be…Bismarck. I love its beauty, location and innocent culture. It is pure and honest–beautifully nestled against graceful bluffs of the Missouri River, and the fertile farmlands of the Missouri Plateau, and the Great Plains. These photos are fantastic…they portray the city extremely well. Thank you. I really appreciate this website.

  7. DuWan Says:

    Why not put Tulsa, Oklahoma on here it’s a beautiful city.

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