March 24th, 2007
Boston – Winter 2007 -

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  • Mike

    Is that Vanilla Ice?

  • It actually is Vanilla Ice.

  • Michael Bryan

    Vanilla Ice is a TOOL. Great pics otherwise.

  • Charles Schmidt

    How can I get the PITTSBURGH PHOTOS as a screen saver?

  • Melody Z

    Waaaaah, I spent last summer in Boston and I love seeing all these familiar scenes except in snow. I miss the city so much…you just can’t get the same feeling here out on the west. 🙁

    I loveee the pictures. They’re amazing! I’m just wondering but, what camera did you use? 😀

  • Angela

    do you sell copies of these photos?

  • Sava? oyunlar?

    Very nice , thanks a sharing..